Top 10 Free Music Download Apps For Android 2017

Since you are reading this post, this means that you are a music lover. Well, who doesn’t love music? And you are probably searching for some apps that will help you in downloading music.

It is quite hard to come around good apps that will help you in downloading music. I get the fact that there are thousands of apps available that help you in downloading free music but reliable apps are quite less. Most of these apps contain ads that make it impossible to search for music tracks.

This post will provide you with a list of reliable apps that will help you downloading music for free. Check out the list of free music download apps for Android below.

List of Free Music Downloading Apps:

So the apps that have been provided in this list are quite reliable. These apps are free of those annoying cluster ads that pop up now and then. Check out the list below using which you can get free mp3 music downloads.


SoundCloud is probably the best app for both listening to free music & for free music downloads. Well, not just free music; you can also download music using this. This app has a feature that helps you in saving music offline and listen later on. The premium version of the app is free of ads but the free version contains some ads which can be removed by going premium. The app is quite easy to use too. You can search for music and make a separate playlist of your favorite tracks.

Wynk Music:

Wynk has become one of the popular apps in a short while. Though it might be for just for a month but during that tenure you can download as much music tracks you want. And all of those songs are available for free. After 1 month you will only be able to listen to music and for downloading you will be charged. This UI of this app is quite simple and you can browse through this quite easily.

SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader:

With the help of this music download app you can download as much music tracks as you want. But one problem is that you can’t download it from Google Play Store. For using this you need to download the Apk file of this app. Apart from the downloading part this even allows you to stream music and listen to them. You can even search for music by the name of the artist or the album. It is quite popular and the reason of its popularity is that it is available for old android versions too.

Skull MP3 Music Downloader Pro:

This app might not be available on Google Play Store but it is quite popular. This app has a huge music library form where you can download free music. The search engine of this app makes quite easy to search for music tracks. This app can also act as a music player too. You can listen to all the downloaded tracks from this app only. One interesting fact about this app is that it allows you to set your favorite tracks as ringtones.

iTube Music:

iTube can be used for both streaming and downloading purpose too. For finding your favorite tracks all that you need to do is search. It has a huge library of MP3 songs, so most of your favorite tracks will be available on it. This app is quite reliable and free of any ads. Even the UI of this app is rather simple and easy to use. You can download this app for free from Google Play Store.

MP3 Music Download:

MP3 Music Download is a free music downloading app. This app allows you to download music without facing any problems. The UI of this app is quite good and this app has some exciting features too. These are features are absent in most of the similar type of apps. You can even download multiple music tracks with the help of this app. MP3 Music Download allows you to search for music tracks using the name of the artist or the album. And for downloading any song all that you need is to tap on the download tab on the side of the track.


This is another popular app that lets you stream and download music for free. The best thing about this app is that there are no ads that pop while browsing through this app. This app has many exciting features and among these features there is one feature called Music Match. This feature helps you in finding songs according to your taste. This can only be used on those Android mobiles with android version 4.0.4 or higher. Napster has a music database of more than 30 million songs.


Though this app is not available on Google Play Store but you can still download the Apk of this file. This app is quite popular too. It has a vast gallery of MP3 song from where you can download songs for free. Well, you can even search for music tracks using the name of the artist or the album and then download from the results shown. This is an advanced app that lets you download music tracks for free. It is undoubtedly one of the best free music download apps for Android.

Google Play Music:

google play music

Though it may come as a surprise but you can actually download music from Google Play Store. Google Play Music has more than 50,000 songs in its database. This app has some exciting features like smart recommendation that recommends you songs according to your taste. And as this app is from Google you can be assured of its reliability. This app is free of the annoying ads that keep popping up while browsing through it.

Listening to good music can get you through a lot of problems. The apps that have been mentioned in this post are some of the best and reliable music apps. Among all these apps there are some that I have used myself. I would recommend that you go for the apps that have been mentioned above if you want a free music download app. So hurry up and download one of these apps to download free music.