How To Root Android Without PC (4 New Methods)

There are many Android apps which enable you to root your Android device without Computer. But before I discuss how to root Android without Computer, let me provide you a little insight about Rooting.

Well, Rooting is the way for renewing the functionality of your Android device by making users access to all premium apps. Rooting gives access to almost everything including your hardware info and all other files as well. We can say that rooting is an installed Su binary of your Android Smartphone and Tablets.

For better understanding rooting is similar to jailbreak which is used for the iPhone. Basically, you connect your Android device with PC for the rooting purposes. But there are several apps that enable you to root android device without PC. Before proceeding further let me tell you about some of advantages and disadvantages to rooting your Android device.

Advantages of Rooting Android Devices:

Well, to begin with, there are lots of advantages of rooting your device. Some of the major advantages are listed below.

  • Rooting gives you access to all kinds of files including the root directory files of your Phone storage. It gives you the permission to access system files and t obe edit or delete them.
  • By rooting you can increase the performance of your android device by boosting the CPU of your mobile.
  • Rooting increases the battery life by underclocking your mobile CPU.
  • You can upgrade the android version of your android device by using the custom ROM such as CM11, CM12, etc.
  • You get access to best apps once you overcome the root process on your Android phone and your internal memory will also get increased automatically.

Disadvantages of Rooting Android Devices:

Rooting your Android device has disadvantages too. These disadvantages have some drastic repercussions too. Following are some of the disadvantages of rooting:

  • Rooting is very risky which sometimes leads to bricking of your Android phone. Even a single wrong step can lead to the damaging of your device, so rooting need to be done very cautiously.
  • There is a possibility that you might lose your mobile data while rooting your device. So, you must keep a backup of all your files before rooting android without a computer.
  • Once you root your phone,  the warranty of your phone will become null.

Well, these are the advantages and disadvantages of rooting your Android Device. Now, let’s get back to the topic at hand i.e. rooting android device without a computer.

Methods of Rooting your Android device:

For rooting your Android device, you need to download a rooting app from the link given below. You need to install this app on your device. Before Installing it make sure that you have enabled the Unknown Sources of your device. Once the installation of the rooting app gets completed, you can open the app and click on the root button to start the rooting process.

Also check out these cleaner apps for Android.

Apps for Rooting Android without a computer:

There are various apps for rooting your Android Device without PC. Using some of the rooting apps you can avoid bricking of your device and the chances of data loss. Following are some of the best apps which will give you a safe rooting process.

 Use FramaRoot:

When we talk about rooting Android phone then FramaRoot is what comes to the first list. Not only that, FramaRoot also helps in easy rooting of the android phone without using a computer as it is created mainly for android phones with MTK chipset.

For using FramaRoot, you first need to download the Apk file in your Android mobile and install it in your mobile. Now, open the app and click the Boromir and it will show the Su Installed successfully.

Download FramaRoot Now

Use Universal Android Root:

The Universal Android root is one of the best alternatives of FramaRoot. It enables you to root android devices without a computer. Apart from that it also provides safe root without any kinds of risk like data loss. You can just download the Universal And Root your smartphone after installing it.

You can now open the app from your device app drawer and click on the root button for rooting your Android device. However, you must select the right android version before rooting your device otherwise it might cause some inconvenience.

Download Now

Use iRoot:

iRoot is quite common android rooting app because it has an awesome platform of rooting your android without a computer. You may feel good to know that the developer of the most popular rooting app “Vroot” has developed the iRoot as well.

First of all, download the iRoot Apk from the given link and install it on your phone by enabling the Unknown Sources. After the installation gets completed, you can open the iRoot app from your mobile and tap on “I Agree” button for getting access to the app. You can now click on the root button for rooting your Android phone or Tablets.

Download iRoot Now

Use Z4Root:

Z4Root is one of the oldest android rooting apps which provides good performance. This is one of the best tools to root your android without a computer and its latest version is capable of rooting android phones with 99% accuracy.


You can first download the Z4Root Apk in your device from the given link in your Smartphone or Tablets. You can need to turn on your Unknown Sources on and allow the installation of Z4Root successfully. Open the app once the installation gets completed and click on the root button.

Download Now

Thus, using the suggested applications, you can root your Android phones without a computer. However, as I have mentioned earlier in this post that rooting have both advantages and disadvantages, so you must make sure to root with right apps. I have suggested the best and renowned apps for rooting your android without a computer. You can download any of the suggested root application for Android according to your choice and root your device accordingly.

Best Apps To Fix Android OverHeat Issue (3 Apps)

So, the problem with every android phone is overheating of the phone due to the overuse. There are few factors due to them you will get experieance of this overheating. Overheating is nothing but increase in the heat of your android phone. It normally occurs due to high usage of your android phone. Like if you are using an android phone for playing certain games and if you played it for 1 hour and more then it normally heats up for some extent. Even the same occurs while watching movies in your android phone. There are even more things like charger, if you are not using the charger provided by then your phone probably can heat up. Even with the battery too. Even there are lots of reasons to overheat of android phone and these are some main reasons of android device heating.

So, here we are fixing the problems those occur due to these reasons I mean here we are sharing the guide How to fix android overheat issue.

How to fix android overheat issue

So, here we are sharing some apps that help you to cool your android phone. These apps are freely available in Google Play Store. These apps are completely free from ads, harmful threats and completely free from spam. We just did research on these apps and we have found the best and genuine apps to fix android overheat issue.

Device Cooler Heat Minimizer:

Device Cooler Heat Minimizer is the most popular app in Google Play Store which has been installed over 2.3 million times there. The device has 4.5 rating in Google Play Store. If you are heavy game player, movie watcher or doing continue works with your android phone and facing the problem of overheat issue then this app helps you to fix that issue. It also called as android device cooler. So, the functioning of this app is really advanced. It just looks out for the apps that you use or the apps that causes the issue. Then it just handles the heat of the apps and control to cool them while they are free.

Cooler Master

Cooler Master is also a popular app to cool your android battery that is overheated. This app works in a unique way and which is really good one to overcome heat. The app actually warns the user if phone overheating limit is expired and also provide you temperature of the phone. This app helps you to find those apps which use quite higher battery and cause overheat issue. Very easy user interface and even spam free too. You can easily cool your android phone with just one tap on this app. So, you just need to try that at least once.

Device Cooler Master:

This is the coolest android app to fix the overheat issue. Actually this app provides you the details of the temperature and also list the apps which are main cause for this overheat issue. It even beginner can also use this app as it is very easy to use. Apart from fixing your Android phone with overheat issue this app also helps you to clear the history of Android Phones and even more functions. So, this one of my favorite app to fix android overheat issue. You can give try to this android app without any problem.

Final Words:

So, this was the guide to fix overheat issue in Android phone. I think you have got the solution to fix Android overheat issue and keep visiting this site for more updates.

Best Things To Do After Rooting Your Android Phone!

So, you rooted your android device or might be going to root. You might think about what will be the next thing that you have to do right after the rooting of your Android device.  You even did this to try lots of new tricks because there are ultimate thing you can do right after rooting. There are lots of advantages that you will get right after rooting your android device.

There might be any reason for the rooting of your android device but here we help you to get the benefits from it. You will gte ultimate benefits from it. If your android customization is not well even looking to buy custom ROM’s then don’t buy them here we have the best solution for you. If you have rooted your android device then here we help you to customize your android phone manually with apps right after rooting your android device. You might even don’t about the features of rooting the android then here we will help you. You might be confusing right after rooting your android device then don’t worry here we will help you. Even if you are looking to root your android device then root it one tap rooting apps and there is no more long rooting process for your android device.

So here we will start with some things which you can do with a rooted Android phone. So, let’s start.

What can you do with a rooted phone?

Install Dolby Atmos On Your Android Device

If you love to listens the music then here we have the best application for you. You can use it for your rooted android device. Here is the app called Dolby Atmos then install it in your device. You need to have the upper version of android platform in order to run this app at least you need to have 4.2android operating system. There is no issue with this app and we are using this app in our android device and we prefer you to use this app if you have rooted your android device.

You need to get recovery of TWRP or CWM in your android device in order install the Dolby Atmos in your device. This is ultimate app which helps you to setting up the music for your android device. You can even remix the sings and make them ultimate. You can increase the basic settings like boss, terrible and many more things with this app.

Increase Battery Life of Your Android Smartphone

Battery is the most essential thing that we look t buy a new android smartphone. We need best battery capacity mobile which is long lasting. If you don’t have better battery life for your android phone then you need to use the app which only supports for rooted android devices. Here this app helps you to increase the battery life of your android smartphone.

The applications name is green which helps you to save the battery. It actually works in different way like if the any app unnecessary and using the battery in background then this app helps you to stop the performance of the app to save the battery. This app works for all the android devices. Finally it only supports for rooted android devices.

Install Xposed Modules In Your Android Phone

Yes! It is one of the best thing which you can do on your rooted android phones. There are literally hundreds of Xposed modules available for rooted android phones using which you can customize almost every setting of your android phone. You should try some of the best xposed modules like Gravity Box etc.

OverClock Your Android Phone

Are you fed up with slow speed of your android phone? If yes, then here is one of the most important thing for you which you can do after rooting your android phone. Though, this method can also harm your device in long run, so I recommend all of you to try this method at your own risk. You can easily increase frequency of CPU of your android phone with the help of SetCPU android app. Make sure that you don’t increase your CPU frequency by more than 20%, as going more than that will have adverse effect on battery backup of your android phone.

Final Words:

So it was all about things you can do after rooting your android phone. I hope you will like all of them. So which thing is your favourite? What’s the first thing which you do after rooting your android phone?